Mt Burf Now with downhill course!



Mt. Burf is a collaborative project between Ryan Burfeind, Jeff Burfeind, Peter Tomfohrde and Skyler Kehren.

Ryan, Jeff, and Peter are avid mountain bikers. In the Spring/Summer of 2009 they cut a mountain biking singletrack in a nice wooded hillside with features that include a seesaw, and ladder bridge. Skyler shares their interest in mountain biking (if a bit less avidly) and has a strong interest in photography. The rest, as they say, is history.

Enjoy the photos from our gatherings in the Photo Gallery. All photos Copyright © 2009-2010 Skyler Kehren and are licensed CC BY-NC-SA. See Usage/Licensing for more information.


New Gallery Album

Check out the new May 2010 album in the Photo Gallery!


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Upcoming Photo-shoot

The Mt. Burf team has a planned ride and photo shoot over Memorial Day weekend.

Look for more photos to follow!


New Photos

New photos posted for the Downhill section and the Wood Jump!


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